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pa mug co @ waynesburg

Woman working on a pottery wheel
Woman working in a ceramics shop
Woman throwing clay on a wheel
PA Mug Co
PA Mug Co
Editorial branding photography in Pittsburgh
Branding photographs of PA Mug Co
Woman working in a ceramics shop
Woman working with clay on a table
Pittsburgh branding photography
Making lace ornaments with clay
Making lace ornaments with clay
Clay lace ornaments
Weighing clay in a ceramics shop
Woman cutting strawberries
Women cooking in a kitchen
Cooking with strawberries
PA Mug Co women working together
Cute dog
Strawberry salad
Throwing on a wheel
Making ceramic mugs
Branding photographers in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh branding photographers
Women removing mugs from kiln
Glazing a mug
PA Mug Co pictures
Attaching a handle to a mug
PA Mug Co handmade mugs
Ceramic mug detail

I LOVE working with women in their space, in their craft. So cool. Jennifer owns the popular PA Mug Co in Waynesburg, PA. Liz is her dear friend and they work together in tandem. PA Mug Co creates unique mugs that are handmade from start to finish, and they are absolutely gorgeous! They throw the mugs on a wheel, fire them in a kiln, delicately craft handles, carve, and glaze. They also make incredibly detailed little ornaments using lace on their clay, which is a beautiful process to watch. It was so fun learning about this artistic process and photographing these women at work. Plus there was a cute dog, which is always a bonus.


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