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bill & Victoria, Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe

It’s no secret that we LOVE weddings. We literally love every second of the big day, and I’m not just saying that. Being able to spend the morning with our couples, documenting the emotional moments, witnessing overwhelming love as forevers are promised, and the always amazing celebrations that follow… Keren & I stop ourselves so many times during wedding days and say, “How is this really our job?!??”

And Victoria & Bill’s wedding day was honestly a prefect representation of why we love what we do.

They surrounded themselves with some of the most amazing friends and families we have ever met, making us feel like “one of them” from the moment we walked in the door… that might also be due to the fact  that Keren can perfectly pronounce “koumbari” which will please any Greek we meet! We are so blessed to have been part of their day, and even more blessed to call them friends.

V&B– we wish you both a lifetime of happiness (and babies!!!) xoxo, Dana


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