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ashley & sean, married @ schenley park

This was the best little elopement ever. With no guests and perfect weather, it was such a beautifully simple day. Ashley and Sean got ready together with their fur babies, and then traded their fancy wedding shoes for some hiking boots as we traipsed through Frick Park. When we got to the perfect spot, they exchanged rings and vows, with just us and their adorable dog (who was so handsome in his floral bow tie). It's such an honor to be present to document weddings, but it's especially meaningful when you're the witness and feel so very connected to the ceremony. Elopements that focus just on the couple and their love are so deeply meaningful, and this was no different. It was lovely to see Ashley and Sean hold a wedding ceremony that was exactly perfect for them. We then walked up to Schenley Park for a yummy picnic in the twilight. I couldn't have asked for a better day with a nicer couple.


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