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v family @ home

Family cuddling in bed
Documentary Pittsburgh family photographers
Family cuddling in bed
Lifestyle family photographers in Pittsburgh area
At home family photographers
Parents sitting on bed with daughter
Parents cuddling with daughter
Maternity shoot in Pittsburgh PA
Maternity portraits in Pittsburgh
Mother and daughter portraits
Mother and daughter cuddling together
Childhood portrait photography Pittsburgh
Girl carrying a cat
Girl hugging a cat
Cat in the kitchen on barstool
Dad dancing with daughter in living room
Man petting his dog
At home lifestyle photographer in Pittsburgh
Father carrying his daughter around
Mom making tea with daughter
Parents sitting on the stairs of house
Maternity portraits Pittsburgh PA
At home maternity photography Pittsburgh
At home family photos
Family cuddling together
Black and white photograph taken through a window
Mother and daughter portrait
Girl climbing a tree
Woman standing with dogs
Lifestyle Pittsburgh portrait photographers
Two dogs standing outside
Maternity photos in Pittsburgh
Mother and daughter standing together
Family standing outside home with dog

It's an honor to be asked to document other photographers. They trust you, run in the same circles, and often you've spent a ton of time admiring their work. Jess is one such photographer (who uses light beautifully, I might add) and I was so excited to take pictures of her family at their home. She and Bryan are the type of parents who live sweetly while encouraging dancing in the living room, kindness, climbing trees, yoga, appreciating nature, and sitting on garage roofs. They have furry creatures they take care of in addition to already raising one very sweet young lady, and now they're waiting on #4. I'm excited to see what's next in store for this family!


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