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In-home documentary sessions are designed to tell the story of this particular season in life. 

It's an honor to be invited into the comfort of your home and get a sneak peek of the inner workings of your family.

I value meeting your kids and giving them the time and space to let their personalities shine. They are excited to show me their life and I'm excited to see it. It's truly one of my biggest joys to witness the work you're doing in raising a family. 

I'd really love to show you what a beautiful job you've done. 


in-home documentary session
up to 2 hours photo coverage 


These are shot at home, I'll come to you. 

Perfect for families with children of all ages or newborns. 


You'll receive:

-high resolution images edited by hand, roughly 200 photos  

-online gallery + 10 year cloud storage 

-download + print rights


extended family session
up to 2 hours photo coverage


Invite the grandparents and the cousins! 
We can shoot these at a
familiar space, like your home, or a location of choice. The end result will be a hybrid of a portrait and documentary session. 

You'll receive:

-high resolution images edited by hand, roughly 200 photos  

-online gallery + 10 year cloud storage 

-download + print rights


long form session
4 hours photo coverage

A new offer for 2024 and a unique opportunity for your family to really settle into their rhythm. We'd work together to plan our time, this could be mean starting at home and heading to a new location, meeting up with grandparents, or dinner flowing into your bedtime routine.


You'll receive

-high resolution images edited by hand, roughly 400 photos

-online gallery + 10 year cloud storage 

-download + print rights

Ready to book?


My WEEKEND availability for
documentary" sessions
available at the link below. 

If you are wanting to schedule a WEEKDAY session, usually a great option for newborn sessions, or interested in the  “extended family” or “long form” session options, please contact me to schedule. 



What is a documentary session? How does this work? What should I expect? 

Documentary photography is meant to provide an accurate representation of its subject. My hope is to artfully capture this particular season of life, in all its perfect imperfection. I'll work with you prior to our session so we spend our time together with intention. Part of that is asking you to take mental note of how your days normally unfold, as ordinary as that seems. It's my joy (and job!) to show your just how beautiful those mundane moments are.


It's common for us to work through different areas in your home, the places you naturally find yourselves throughout the day. There are times I suggest cuddling up in good light and cozy corners, and there are times when I sit back and let things unfold without interference. I love to include the outdoors as well, playing in the yard or a walk around the block. This usually is a good opportunity to gather everyone together for a few "posed portraits", everyone smiling and looking at the camera, so grandma has a photo for the mantel. 

What do we need to do to get ready? 

I want your home to feel like your home. No need to panic clean for days before our time together, I promise I'm not looking for or photographing the dust on your base boards. The fingerprints on your windows just adds character.  Maybe your home is at a B+, no need to try and achieve an A. 


What rooms/ areas do you like to shoot in?

This is ultimately dependent on what you are comfortable with, followed closely with where the best light is. Common areas like the living room and kitchen are pretty standard, and kids are always enthusiastic to show me their rooms. Unusual areas that often times spark my creativity could be hallways and stairwells, ya just never know where I'll ask you to hang out. 

Does documentary mean no posed photos?


I think technically it does, but I'm a mom and I know how precious and rare it can be to have the whole family together and smiling in a photo so I try to work a few of those into our time together. 


Do we have to use our home for the session?

I know the Pinterest section of the Internet can have us looking around our own spaces and feeling eh. I would really encourage you to push pass any judgements about what you feel isn't Instagram worthy and embrace the fact that this is where you are doing the incredible work of raising a family. It's where your children feel the most comfortable to be themselves, it's where those core memories are being created, and I promise you sight unseen it's worthy. If that doesn't convince you or you still have concerns about photographing in your home, I'm happy to discuss other ways to create that nostalgia in our time together. Maybe we picnic at a park or head to the zoo.

What should we wear?

I want you to feel like you and look like you. You're welcome to put time and thought into coordinating outfits if you prefer, you're also welcome to throw on a tee and jeans and call it a day. With the slow paced nature of the session it does give you time to change.  Maybe before we head outside you jump into that flowy dress you love and have the kids nix the Bluey tees for something more neutral.   






intentional + nonintrusive documentation
showcasing your love + joy rather than manufacturing it 

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